After many years of study as an artist, graphic designer, and photographer, and many years with a successful business photographing horses and pets, I turned my attention to what I love most: painting portraits of these beautiful animals that grace our lives!

Using the incredible technology that unfolds continuously, I have developed a technique for painting portraits digitally from your favorite photograph. This is not a push-button filter, or anything "quick and dirty." I spend many, many days on my portraits, sometimes weeks, painting stroke by stroke using a pressure-sensitive stylus/brush on my digital canvas/tablet using oils, acrylics, and watercolor interpretations. The end result is a beautiful, classic painting, printed to canvas, and ready to hang on your wall and enjoy for generations!

We all have tons of photos on our cell phones of our loved ones! And guess what? I can create your beautiful heirloom painting from a simple image taken with your cell phone!

The way it basically works is:

1. You would email me a high resolution image (I can walk you through that, and what "high resolution" means), or, preferably, a few of them so I can select the best or possibly do a composite from a couple of them. The images do need to be SHARP.

2. I do color correction and balancing of the image and mask out the original background in Adobe Photoshop, and then paint your pet or horse with a custom painted background that works with your decor. I use a very sophisticated software called Corel Painter, and have spent many years developing my techniques. (I also teach and mentor other artists on how to paint with my techniques.)

3. Once I am satisfied with your portrait, I will email you a proof for approval.

4. I then send it off to a master craftsman printer who turns it into a beautiful canvas worthy of a place of honor in your home.

5. The canvas is shipped directly to you, free of charge.

I truly believe you will be amazed at how affordable a beautiful painting can be. Please email me a few photos you are considering for your painting and I will get right back to you with suggestions and feedback as to which image, or possibly a composite of images, would work best. We can also chat by phone. Feel free to call!

Thank you!