Lois has a keen eye for color, balance and movement, and composition. Her uncanny ability to capture the right stuff will bring out your horse's or dog's best in photos.

Lois will travel to your farm or home, or meet with you and your horse or dog at any beautiful location of your choosing. Whether you need photographs for commercial usage or for personal use, consider:

A photographic portrait capturing the personality and beauty of your horse or dog
Formal conformation photography
Photographic portraits of horse and rider, or dog and handler
Action photography of your horse or dog at liberty
Dressage photos of horse and rider, or horse and rider over fences
The first step toward your commissioned painting
A limited number of horse shows and lure coursing events

Lois specializes in capturing your horse or dog's personality, and the special relationship they have with you.

After the photo session, photos will be posted to your own web gallery, where they can be ordered in sizes up to 30" x 40". Every photo session includes a FREE 4 x 6 booklet of printed proofs.

Contact Lois about making a special trip to photograph your beloved partners. You'll be glad you honored your horse or dog with these special photographs!


You may book a session individually, or share the session--and the travel expenses--with others at the same location. Depending on the available light, what type of photos you require, and how organized you are, Lois may be able to photograph up to 6 horses in a day's session.

All sessions include:

Pre-shoot consultation during which you and Lois will go over the details of your upcoming Photo Session.
Convenient on-line posting of carefully selected, professionally presented images in your own password-protected, personal Proof Gallery on this web site.
A free 4 x 6 bound flip book of watermarked printed proofs.

The Photo Session Fee will be tailored to your individual needs, and will depend on several factors:

How many horses or dogs will be photographed, and how many different situations will we be photographing your dogs or horses in?
Where are you? Are you nearby, or will getting to you and your horses or dogs require a long drive or flying across the country? Depending on your location, travel expenses may include airfare, rental car, mileage, lodging, and equipment shipment.
How will the photos be used? Will they be solely for personal use, such as hanging on your walls, sharing with friends, giving as gifts, or creating your Commissioned Portrait? Or will you be advertising your horse or dog, your business or your products with the photos?


Photo sessions are usually best scheduled for early morning or late afternoon. The perfect time depends on your location and the time of year. Lois looks for backgrounds that are free from distractions such as poles, telephone lines and vehicles. It is helpful to have an additional person to assist you during the shoot. Arranging for that extra person yourself will save you paying an assistant's fee.

Liberty Photos - These are usually done in a safe pasture/paddock for horses, or a large fenced yard for dogs. The space needs to be large enough and level enough for the horse or dog to move comfortably, with a minimal number of trees and obstructions inside the space.
Conformation - Level ground is essential for good conformation photos. The surface should not be so deep as to obscure the horse's or dog's hooves or paws, so a solid surface often works best. If you have grass, it should be cut short. If Lois has never been to your location before, "scout" your location by standing with the sun behind you at the time of day that we will be shooting, and look for the clean, unobstructed backgrounds. For horses, a bridle or leather halter with leather or black lead work best. Avoid brightly-collared halters or leads, as they distract from the beauty of the horse and surroundings. For dogs, a simple, thin collar and lead is best, especially if you plan to have it retouched out of the photograph.
Under Saddle (for horses) - Good footing, of course! It's your choice whether to dress for schooling or as if you are going to a show. But either way, clean tack, saddle pads and boots always look best. An outdoor location is strongly recommended. Indoor photography will often require special lighting equipment, and may incur additional costs.
Portraits - There are many options for portrait photos, from jeans and tee shirts to formal wear or show attire. The choices are yours! All the possibilities will be discussed during your Pre-Session Consultation.


I am pleased to introduce my new "CHERISH" Photography Session, a special photo shoot for elderly or terminally ill horses and pets. These sessions receive a 20% discount off of a regular session fee, and include a $50 credit towards prints or a painting. i would love for everyone to be able to have meaningful, beautiful, dignified images of their loved ones before they pass.


You will have two ways to view your proofs:

Online at in your own private, password-protected gallery.
A bound 4 x 6 proof book of watermarked proofs. You'll be able to carry this around to show your friends and family!

Lois's approach to proof presentation puts quality images foremost. You will never have to guess how good a photo is! Here are some of the enhancements that your photos will go through before you even see the proofs:

Careful editing - You will ONLY see the "selects" that show your horse or dog at their best. Lois only presents the very best images for your inspection.
Photo enhancements - Your photos will be straightened, cropped and color corrected prior to proof posting. Minor distractions are retouched.
Cataloging and archival backup - Ten years from now, Lois will still be able to find your photos!

For every day that Lois photographs, she spends AT LEAST two days behind the computer working on these important steps, as well as creating your online photo gallery! Your session fee pays for this work as well as her time behind the camera.


Photo Prints can be ordered at any time in sizes up to 30" x 40". Choose various types of photo paper, fine art paper, or canvas. All are museum quality. Canvas prints are stretched so they can be framed without glass like an oil painting.
Framed Fine Art Prints, Greeting Cards, and Other Cool Stuff. These make wonderful additions to your collection of wall art, as well as great gifts and promotional products.
Digital Files are prepared as carefully, and with as much attention to detail, as finished prints. Files can be ordered in either Web-ready or Print-ready sizes. Packages can be tailored to include as many digital files as you feel will fit your needs. However, at no time will files be delivered in raw, straight-out-of-the-camera form.
Retouching. Minor retouching is included in print and digital file prices. Major retouching, such as changing backgrounds, etc, is billed at $60/hour in 1/4 hour increments.

REFUND POLICY: I guarantee my work and the quality of photographs you will receive. If for any reason they do not meet with your expectations, I will redo the work until you are completely satisfied.

I look forward to working with you and your horses and dogs to create beautiful images to last a lifetime! --Lois Stanfield